What tax discounts could I be eligible for?

The Treasurer's Office sends bills and collects the tax payments that are due. While we do not have authority over tax rates, discounts, or property values, we don’t want you paying any more than necessary.

First, please review the property value listed on your tax bill to ensure you are in agreement with the value listed. Property value drives the calculation of taxes. If you have reason to believe the value is inaccurate, you can appeal the value

Additionally, below are some of the exemptions and special assessment ratios, or discounts, you may be able to receive:

  1. The Special Assessment Ratio (also known as the 4% Legal Residence), granted to taxpayers using their Beaufort County property as their primary residence.

  2. Agricultural Special Assessment, granted to taxpayers using their property for agricultural purposes.

  3. Exemptions granted by the South Carolina Department of Revenue, granted for certain medical disabilities, taxpayers who are disabled veterans, and other similar circumstances.

  4. The Homestead Exemption, granted to taxpayers who are over 65, or have been certified totally and permanently disabled by a State or Federal Agency, or are legally blind.

  5. Active Duty Military Exemption, granted to active duty military stationed within Beaufort County whose state of record is not South Carolina. Thank you for your service and your family's service to our country!


Helpful Hints!

If you're approved for a discount or exemption, it doesn't mean you will receive it forever. If you have any changes to your property title, such as adding a spouse, putting your property into a trust, moving, or a property owner passes away, you may need to re-apply.

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