My mailing address has changed. How do I update it?

You can update your mailing address online or in person at any one of our office locations. It's important to always keep your mailing address up to date so that your tax bills, refunds, and other notices are sent to you successfully. For some types of property, addresses may need to be updated by a Federal or State agency. If this step is not completed, it is possible that the Federal or State agency's address of record will override your requested change for future mailings from Beaufort County. Below is a listing of those property types. 

Motor Vehicles - Your request should be submitted to South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles only. It is not necessary to update Beaufort County as our records will be updated to match the DMV at the next renewal billing period. Your request may be submitted online or in person at any South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicle branch.

For the following bill types, please submit your request online with Beaufort County Treasurer and contact the corresponding agency below. 

Watercraft (WC) / Commercial Boat (CMT) – SC Department of Natural Resources
Merchant (MER) / Utility (UT) / Corporation (CORP) – SC Department of Revenue
Mobile Home (MH) – SC Department of Motor Vehicles
Aircraft (AC) – Federal Aviation Administration
Documented Vessel (DV) / Large Pleasure Craft (LPC) – United States Coast Guard


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